I got a little lost, the way I sometimes do, then I happened upon a painting. I saw something different and better within it than what my thoughts had been holding. I saw a story.

In one sense, the story was only my imagining. In another sense, the story was waiting there to be found.

There is this prescription for health near the end of the bible’s letter to the Philippians: “Whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable ... dwell on these things.” I am learning it is possible to do that. Art and Story is a product of my aim to do that. Here on this site are some works that affected me enough that it made sense to try to write the story I saw.

*   *   *

About me: I am Peter Zelinski, a writer. Much of the time I write about manufacturing, including the advance of 3D printing. I’ve written books you would love if you enjoy nerding into the bible and considering what it says about us. I have a blog that began as a place to talk about my books, but has become a quilt of all the different nonfiction writing I do. This site is something new.

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