There is a connection between gravity and time. Relativity predicts that gravity dilates time, stretches it. Experiments confirm that clocks tick slower nearer to the earth’s core than high above it. To stand and shoulder burdens is thus to be in a place of swollen time, expansive time, deliberate time. In eternity, we imagine we will fly. We will be buoyant. Will time therefore quickly pass? Can time fly even when it is infinite? Among the childish things I do is to go to the water and stay beneath, moving with strokes as though like wings. So long as I can hold out against breathing, I can fly, and because I am not afraid I can hold out long. My children are there with me. We play. Then in later years they play with their friends. Then they stop coming to swim altogether, because it is childish, and they have found their gravity.

Samantha French, Mid-Morning Light, 2013